Stuffed Boar Head

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Total time: 45 min





The bones and the meat are removed from the skin of the well-cleaned head.

The cut meat is minced with veal, mixed with fluffy butter, eggs, bacon cut into small cubes, smoked tongue, truffles and pâté spices, pistachios, salt, cayenne pepper and English sauce. This mixture is stuffed into the boar’s head, which is closed on the open side by a piece of rind to be sewn on.

The stuffed head is wrapped in a napkin and cooked for 3 hours in a broth made of red wine, vinegar, salt water, root vegetables and spices, together with the calf’s and pig’s feet.

The head is removed from the broth only after it has cooled completely, dried, coated again with chaudfroid glace and fitted with glass eyes and tusks.

Chaudfroid sauce: beef broth is mixed with soup glace and melted aspic.

Addition: Cumberland sauce.

Our tip: use a bacon with a strong flavor – so you give this dish a special touch!

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