Lychee or Lychee Info + a Few Recipe Suggestions.

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Total time: 45 min

Servings: 1.0 (servings)


For lychee aspic:


Litchi compote: The already browned, i.e. fully ripe fruits are freed from their sproed skin. You can now pour them raw with apple, pineapple or possibly currant juice, and still season with a suitable fruit liqueur or possibly a little bit of brandy or possibly bring them, sprinkled with vanilla sugar, with whipped cream to the table or possibly make the fruit in diluted white wine with sugar short and season with juice of a lemon. Also good with vinegar or possibly a lot of juice of a lemon, strongly seasoned, the not too liquid compote is kept gladly to ham, roast, game etc.. Given.

Lychee cup: Vanilla ice cream is covered with a little passion fruit liqueur or raspberry syrup and sprinkled with drained lychee and whipped cream as well as chocolate, pistachio shavings or almonds.

Litchi aspic: Dissolved gelatin, white wine, a little bit of lemon juice, sugar and litchi are added to the litchi juice. The quantity is poured into a bowl and after stiffening it is garnished with whipped cream, whipped cream or sweetened curd cheese and wafer rolls.

Leaf Salads With Lychee: Ready seasoned fruit salad or green, chicory, iceberg, endive or warm coleslaw become exceptionally aromatic with the addition of drained lychees.

Litchi With meat dishes: The fruit, which is not too sweet or possibly even rejuvenated with vinegar, lemon or possibly tart white wine, is warmly practiced

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