Shrimps in Their Own Juice Asian Style

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Total time: 45 min

Servings: 2.0 (servings)



A plancha, the flat grill plate often found in Spain, can be used especially well here. The chopped garlic should be pre-cooked in a little oil at the beginning, only for about 30 seconds, before you fill it into the scampi halves, then it gives off its aroma even better.

Prepare the crab tails or shrimp as described in the shrimp recipe. Crush the garlic with a large kitchen knife before chopping it – this gives a nicer texture. Sauté quickly in a small amount of oil, adding just as much ginger and chili as desired.

Serve with: White bread, of course long grain rice is also suitable for the Asian version. And chopsticks instead of fork.

Drink: a hearty white wine, which may have been aged in barriques and can therefore withstand the strong aromas.

Or an aromatic muscatel that doesn’t have to be completely dry. We drank a very spicy Semillon from the Cape in South Africa, which, with its sweetness achieved through aging, went wonderfully with the sweet-aromatic crustaceans.

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