Valais Gsottus

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Total time: 45 min



500 g dried pork -to taste Yield: Also Valais cheese cheese aese.

Old dried meat pieces soak in cold water for 2-3 days before cooking. Then make in the marmueeta with the herbs and the white wine. Depending on the cooking time, take out the pieces of meat and keep them warm. When all the meat is taken out of the pot, make in this soup the long grain rice and potatoes cut into large cubes. Steam the cabbage, then make in the soup meanwhile until it becomes mushy. Make some pieces of meat with the cabbage so that it takes the flavor. First bring to the table a little seasoned soup with rye bread and cheese, previously taken from the stew. This is followed by the pieces of meat with the long grain rice-potatoes-cabbage mixture.

Note for non-Valaisans: a gitzi is a young goat. In Valais, dried Gitzi meat is considered a special treat. Hauswurst is also a special Valais dry sausage that is only available there. Märmueeta is the name given by the Valais people to a large (high) pot with two handles.

Our tip: If you like to cook with fresh herbs, it is best to get kitchen herbs in pots – so you always have everything ready!

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