Veal Shank on Vegetable and Mushroom Risotto

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Total time: 45 min

Servings: 4.0 (servings)





For the risotto, sauté the finely diced shallot briefly in butter, then add the long-grain rice form and stir-fry for a minute. “Sip by sip” gradually extinguish with chicken stock, stirring repeatedly. The cooking time is about 20 min. After that the risotto should be nice and creamy and slightly liquid, the rice kernels in the core still al dente. Finally, add the really tiny vegetable cubes, stir, add a small shot of Prosecco, stir, and then add the cold butter cubes and grated Parmesan. Only now season strongly with salt and freshly ground pepper.

Season the meat with pepper and season with salt. Put it in a very hot frying pan with olive oil, add two cloves of garlic pressed (still in their skins) and two sprigs of thyme, if you like. Sauté the meat for three minutes, then place the pan in the oven heated to 130 degrees for 3-6 minutes.

Heat the veal jus and season. Fold in a little whipped cream to taste….

Serve: Place the risotto in the center of the plates and the meat on top. Pour a ring of the sauce around the risotto.

Tip: * Be sure to use real risotto long grain rice when cooking risotto for the top cooking tip. The amount of liquid required varies considerably. In any case, keep a mug more chicken or vegetable stock on hand than indicated in the recipe.

* Natural

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