Shrimp Paste Relish with Dried Crab Tails – Took Prik Gung Haeng

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Total time: 45 min



A bean recipe for every taste:

The pea eggplants add a delicious bitterness to the relish. Sometimes these little melanzane are grilled beforehand, which changes their flavor and makes them wonderfully nutty. Just wrap them in aluminum foil or banana leaves, respectively, and grill them until they are tender. This recipe also calls for Asian lemon (som sa).

The peel has a delicious fragrance, and the juice is quite tart. The juice of a tangerine that is not too ripe is a good substitute.

P R E S E D In a mortar, pound dried crab tails and salt to a paste. Add garlic and crush finely. Incorporate shrimp paste and add chilies. Season with sugar and lime juice and lemon or tangerine juice. Carefully season with a tiny bit of fish sauce – not too much, as there is already a mass of salt! Finally, mix with cape gooseberries or melanzane, green mango, pulp of tangerine or lemon and its peel. This took prik should be quite thick, spicy and salty, sour and sweet.

As additions:

– raw vegetables such as Thai cucumber, asparagus spears, melanzane, Siamese watercress, young wing beans or bean pods, young ginger, white iceberg lettuce, arugula, turmeric, chicory – cooked vegetables such as baby corn, pumpkin, cabbage, bitter melon, okra This relish can also be served with baked vegetables, but in this case, Mom Chao warns.

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