Scallops with Lemon Extract and Zucchini Ragout

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Total time: 45 min

Servings: 2.0 (servings)

Lemon extract:




Lemon extract: Chop one lemon with peel, remove the peel from the other lemon and also chop the pulp.

Scrape out the vanilla pod. All ingredients make on low heat 15 min and put in a jam jar form. You can use this lemon jam on the spot. If you leave it to infuse for a few days, the aroma will increase.

Zucchini ragout: Sauté zucchini cubes and onions in a little olive oil so that they do not take color. Add the garlic clove, stir in the cornstarch and deglaze with vegetable soup and whipped cream. Cook for about ten minutes to a creamy ragout. Add tomatoes and parsley. Season with salt and pepper.

Rinse scallops and dry with kitchen paper. Pepper, season with salt and fry in a little bit of olive oil on all sides at high temperature until brown. This should take no more than 2 min. total. Set scallops aside on a plate and in the same frying pan sauté shallots, deglaze with fish stock and cook with saffron for about five min. Four tablespoons of liquid should remain. Chop tarragon and add this to the stock form with a tsp of lemon seasoning. At high temperature, form the scallops in the broth and bind with butter, stirring throughout. Arrange the zucchini ragout around the scallops.

To serve, add slices of white bread toasted in olive oil.

Tip: Zucchini are a type of squash and therefore ka

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