Preserve Plums

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Total time: 45 min



There are several ways to preserve plums.

Preserving in sugar: Beautiful and not too ripe fruits are dipped in boiling hot water for about 2 minutes, then put into cold water on the spot and the skin is removed. The plums peeled in this way are put into the canning jars as the whole fruit as well as the halved fruit, and a sugar solution consisting of 500 g of sugar to 1000 ml of water is poured over them and sterilized at 80 to 85 °C for 20 minutes.

Canning in sugar vinegar: Fruit that is not too ripe, with the stem remaining on the fruit, is wiped clean with a cloth and placed in the canning jars. A cooled, previously prepared sugar vinegar solution, a tiny bit of cinnamon and cloves, is poured over the fruits and they are sterilized at 85 °C for 20 minutes.

Preparation for cakes and dumplings: the fruits are wiped, halved, pitted and put into jars, sprinkled with 2 tablespoons of granulated sugar and sterilized at 90 °C for 20 minutes. In this way you can make plum cake from natural plums all year round.

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