Curd Dumplings with Nougat Plum Filling

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Total time: 45 min

Servings: 4.0 (servings)



For The Caramelized Plums:

To finish:


Lightly roast the almond slivers in a frying pan without fat and chop coarsely. Rinse the plums, remove the stalks, remove the seeds and cut into cubes. Heat the plum water to about 40 °C and mix with the nougat. Fold in the almond kernels and plums.

Cover a flat plate with cling film. Use a teaspoon to form 8 small heaps of the filling and place them on the cling film. Chill and then shape the nougat mixture into small balls.

For the dumplings, cream the butter with the sugar, citrus zest, vanilla pulp and salt. Fold in the egg yolks. Add the cottage cheese and the white bread crumbs and mix to a firm consistency.

Divide the quantity into 8 on the spot pieces, wrap around the nougat balls and form into even dumplings with wet hands.

For the caramelized plums, rinse the plums, cut them in half, remove the seeds and cut them into wedges. Sift the confectioners’ sugar into a frying pan and caramelize lightly at a mild temperature. Pour in the plums with the cinnamon, cloves, vanilla bean, orange zest and ginger and sweat a little. Extinguish with the port wine, simmer until reduced by half, add the plum water and finally melt the butter in it. Remove the spices and sweeten the plums with a little powdered sugar, if desired.

To finish, put in a saucepan enough water with a little salt and water.

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