Salmon Variations

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Total time: 45 min

Servings: 4.0 (servings)



Divide the tin foil into three large pieces and butter them. Portion the salmon fillet into three pieces and cook as follows. Salmon with chanterelles:

Rinse the chanterelles and drain well. Finely dice the bacon and one red onion and fry them in a frying pan. Add the chanterelles and fry them as well. Season with salt and pepper. Finally, chop and add dill, chives and parsley. Salmon with root vegetables:

Remove the peel from the carrot and celery and cut them into thin strips, as well as the spring onion. Sauté everything briefly in butter and season with salt. Garlic salmon with peppers and fennel:

Cut fennel, bell bell pepper, tomatoes, red onion and garlic into thin strips. Add salt and pepper, and sauté briefly in a little olive oil.

Finally, stir in dill, chives and parsley.

Place each filling on a piece of aluminum foil form and place the salmon fillet on top.

Then season with pepper, thyme, salt and rosemary.

Fold the foil in half and fold the edges together so that the foil completely encloses the fish.

Place the salmon variations on the broiler for 4 minutes on both sides.

Our tip: Use a deliciously spicy bacon for a delicious touch!

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