Ravioli with Salmon Filling and Sorrel

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Total time: 5 min

Servings: 4.0 (servings)

For four people:


For the vegetable garnish:


Pasta dishes are always delicious!

Whisk the salmon with the egg white, cream, salt, pepper and a little lime juice and Noilly Prat in a cutter. Mix in the minced sorrel. Leave the mixture to cool.

Roll out the pasta dough thinly and cut out large rounds (diameter about 6 cm).

Using a piping bag, evenly distribute the salmon filling on half of these rondelles, cover with the remaining rondelles and press the edges well together to seal.

Blanch the bean seeds and asparagus, skin and quarter the cherry tomatoes.

Boil half of the vegetable soup with the sorrel, strain and whip into a sauce with the cold butter. Add the blanched vegetables.

Cook the ravioli briefly in plenty of boiling salted water, drain and arrange on hot plates, decorate with the vegetables and the strips of sorrel and pour the vegetable butter on top.

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