Roasted and Fried Buckwheat Groats

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Total time: 45 min

Roasted groats:

Fried buckwheat groats:


Have fun preparing this mushroom dish!

Buckwheat groats: the most appreciated among Polish groats, they have a distinctive aroma and taste. It is an irreplaceable addition to all kinds of roast beef, pork and sauces, instead of potatoes. It is also excellent with sweet milk, but especially with sour milk.

Especially appreciated is “roasted” porridge, i.e. raw roasted porridge of dark color and more intense taste.

Polish cuisine has undergone many changes over the centuries, but neither long grain rice, which is much less nutritious, nor potatoes have been able to change the preference of buckwheat groats.

The roasted buckwheat groats

The “roasted” buckwheat groats, after being carefully sorted (there may be small stones and other impurities in the groats), are placed in a frying pan in which lard has been previously heated (it is considerably more delicious with lard than with butter). Roast, stirring, until the grains are saturated with fat and lightly browned. Now pour salted boiling water and draw on low heat, preferably on an asbestos plate.

Once the grits have absorbed the water, place the frying pan in a moderately hot oven for 45 minutes.

The grits prepared in this way are deliciously fluffy. Instead of water, the grits can also be prepared with a light broth.

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