Apple Pie with Cream Icing

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Total time: 45 min




A great cake recipe for any occasion:

Prepare a yeast dough, roll it out on greased baking sheet and smooth an edge. Let rise again. Make a pudding from milk, sugar and pudding powder. Spread some of it thinly on the dough. Remove the core from the peeled apples, cut them into shreds and place them tightly on the dough. Sprinkle with washed raisins. Mix the remaining pudding with the sour whipped cream and eggs, pour over the apples form. Bake the cake at 200 °C for about 35 minutes. Sprinkle with sugar.

Tip: Trays start to rust if they are cleaned with water too often. Therefore, it is better to wipe them with paper, and then again with salt sprinkled on them. A baking tray should be greased extensively before use, but not too much, otherwise the pastry will brown too quickly from underneath. In the case of a cake with a thin batter or topping, it is necessary to close the fourth side of the baking tray in the same way, so that nothing can run off the baking tray. For this purpose, you can use an appropriate cut piece of wood wrapped with margarine paper or greased greaseproof paper. If there is a grease pan (also called a grease pan or grill pan), it is most suitable for such pastries, as it has a higher rim all around. The finished cake should be pushed off the baking tray as soon as possible.

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