Relish of Grilled Crab Tails and Green Mango – Took Prik Gung Mamuang

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Total time: 45 min



I N F O Sour leaves or fruits of any kind can be used, in case green mango is not available: Cape gooseberries, pig plums, tamarind leaves or blanched sorrel. This took prik should taste equal parts sour and salty and also spicy. The bitterness of the pea saubergines fits well with the interplay of palm sugar and green mango.

As with so many Thai dishes, this recipe can be modified in many ways. Hot smoked trout is not a traditional ingredient, but it is a good substitute. Those who are detailed about tradition can use pla grop (crispy fish), any dried, salted or possibly cooked fish, or possibly a larger mass of dried crab tails. The paste can be fried with crispy pork belly, and all kinds of frutti di mare go well with this relish – crabs, crayfish or possibly grilled fish.

The seasonings, however, must be adjusted accordingly.

P r e s e r v i c e Remove the intestines from the crab tails. Either use a small skewer to pull out the intestines, or cut the shrimp lengthwise along the back and scrape it out, then rinse and dry. Grill in the shell until just cooked. Cool, peel and cut off. Finely crush garlic with salt, dried crab tails and fresh shrimp meat. Add shrimp paste and incorporate well, then add the chilis

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