Chinese Shrimp Pan

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Total time: 45 min

Servings: 4.0 (servings)



Pasta dishes are just always delicious!

Remove the head and shell from the crayfish tails, leaving the tail end attached to the body. Score the crab tails lengthwise on the back and cut out the intestines. Mix with fish sauce (1) and the pepper, marinate for 10 minutes. Rinse the leek leaves, chop 4 cm long strips. Separate the garlic and shallots from the skin, chop finely. Rinse bean sprouts and set aside. Cut tofu into 0.5 cm cubes.

Coarsely chop peanut kernels in mortar or hand mixer. Rinse limes in hot water and cut into quarters. Sauté rice noodles in bubbling hot tap water for about 2 minutes, pour into a strainer on the spot and cool immediately when cooled. Heat oil in wok until hot. Sauté garlic, shallots and shrimp in it over high heat. Add crab tails, sway mixture in about 1 min. and then push everything together to the edge of the wok.

Crack eggs into the center of the wok, mix and sizzle over medium heat for about 3 min until lightly browned. Then mix neatly with the other ingredients in the frying pan. Add the drained rice noodles and half the amount of bean sprouts, leek strips, rice vinegar (1) (substitute moderate wine vinegar), sugar, fish sauce (2) and soy sauce. Mix everything and let it get hot.

In the meantime, cook the remaining bean sprouts for about 1 minute in enough boiling salted water. Cold

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