Masale Ka Moussaka – Indian Moussaka, India

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Total time: 45 min

Servings: 6.0 (servings)



Dab and set aside.

-2- In the frying pan used, pour about 1, 5 dl of oil. When it is hot, add the chopped onions as well as the ginger-garlic paste.


-3- Add the minced meat, mix well and roast until cooked.

-4- Add the mashed tomatoes together with all the powdered pepper, salt, spices and coriander leaves (save a few for decoration).

Cook until done. Stir well and set aside.

-5- Heat 2 tbsp of oil. Add flour and stir through. Add milk and make until all lumps are gone. Then add whipping cream, nutmeg and salt. Stir well. Cool slightly.

-6- Add grated cheese and eggs. Mix very well.

-7- In a baking dish: a) layer of melanzani and potato slices.

b) on top cheese and breadcrumbs c) minced meat mixture a-c layers until everything is used up together.

The top layer is melanzane.

-8- Empty the glaze over everything together.

Bake the moussaka for 40-45 min in the oven heated to 180 °C until the layers have settled and the surface is golden.

-9- Garnish with coriander leaves.

Tip: Always use aromatic spices to enhance your dishes!

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