Grilled Venison Chops with Jalapeno Jelly

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Total time: 45 min

Servings: 4.0 (servings)


Sauce From Cocktail Tomatoes:

Chili butter:

Vegetable garnish:


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Season venison loin and let it breathe in the refrigerator for 1-2 hours.

Then grill over barbecue fire until pink, about 5-6 min per side. Remove from broiler and rest in foil for 5-10 min. Spread with jelly. Spread peanuts evenly over meat and press down lightly. Cut the loin into chops.


Brush vegetables with olive oil and grill. Mash with clear soup, cilantro and parsley. Heat oil, add garlic and vegetable puree. Heat and stir through. Season with chicken soup and cool.

Chili Butter:

Soak jalapenos and chop. Mix all ingredients together.

Serving suggestion:

Arrange 2 chops on each plate and drizzle with venison stock. Pour tomato sauce next to the vegetables. Put chili butter on a peanut baked in the dish and bring to the table.

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