Bitter Melon Soup with Minced Pork – Geng Jeut Mara Yord Sai

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Total time: 45 min


Garlic paste:


A delicious mushroom dish for any occasion!

I N F O This recipe comes from the memorial book of Nang Oonreuan Pipatgun, who was born in 1908 near Pattaya in the southeastern province of Chonburi. Although a member of a wealthy family, she received no formal education but instruction in the traditional arts considered appropriate for girls of her class – this included cooking. Subsequently, Khun Oonreuan’s culinary skills became so renowned that she opened a small cooking school for the daughters of wealthy families in her province.

This soup achieves a balance of flavors where the bitterness of the melon cleanses the palate.

Any green cucumber or melon, respectively, can be used. A delicious variation is to stuff cleaned squid with the pork and cook it in the soup with a little Thai celery and shiitake mushrooms. Just remember that a geng jeut is a soup, not a stew, and such an accumulation of ingredients should not result in a thick mess. Alternatively, the stuffed melon slices can be steamed to make a refreshing side dish. This soup can be enriched with a few fresh crab tails and finely chopped steamed chicken or blanched chicken liver with a few drops of sesame oil.

Rinse bitter melon and cut into slices of 2 cm thickness.

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