Stuffed Pork Roulades in Mushroom Sauce

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Total time: 1 hour

Servings: 4.0 (servings)

For the filling:

For the roulades:

For the sauce:


For the pork roulades, first prepare the filling. To do this, finely mince the meat, mix well with the remaining ingredients and chill.

Then lightly pound the cutlets, season with salt and pepper, brush with garlic and fill with the prepared filling. Roll up the cutlets and fix them with a toothpick.

Dip the pork roulades in flour and brown them well on all sides in a pan. Fry the coarsely diced vegetables and add the tomato paste. Deglaze with white wine and pour in beef broth. Then add peppercorns and a bay leaf and cook until tender.

Now take the pork roulades out of the sauce, put them on a rack and thicken the sauce if necessary. Then strain the sauce, add cream, (possibly) butter flakes and the mushrooms cut into slices.

Finally, arrange the pork roulades on plates, pour over mushroom sauce and enjoy hot.

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