Roast Venison in Roman Pot

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Total time: 45 min



From the vinegar, the onion rings and the spices bring a pickle briefly to the boil, after cooling meat dadrin put and possibly fill up with tap water until the meat is completely covered. Leave the meat in this pickle for 3 days. Remove and pat dry. Lard with bacon.

Put butter flakes into the watered Römertopf, put roast piece on top, add marinade and braise the whole thing for 120 min. at 250 °C. Next, carefully pour off the sauce and let the roast crust for another 10 min. Pass the sauce through a sieve and add 1 tbsp currant jelly, 1 tbsp mustard, enough chopped parsley, 1 tbsp grated gingerbread and the sour cream on low heat. Season with salt and pepper.

Variations: – soak meat in red wine or buttermilk with spices – add buttermilk and red wine to pickle – use a little less spices, add enough chopped gherkin – stew 250 g of chanterelles and a little bit of paradeis pulp – stew small apples, peeled and core removed, whole. Roast venison is prepared in the same way, but the more tender venison does not need pickling. For this purpose it should be wrapped in vinegar-soaked dishcloth for about 1 day.

Our tip: use a bacon with a strong taste – this way you will give this dish a special touch!

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