Double Cream Cream Cheese

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Total time: 1 hour



For the double cream cream cheese, add the cream to the milk. Heat the milk and let it cool down to 30 °C. Add acid whey and the diluted rennet and stir well.

Allow to sour and thicken for 6-10 hours at 30 °C with as little heat loss as possible.

Cut the thickened mass into 3 cm squares.

Stir and move gently with a whisk, reheating to 40 degrees for 15 minutes (heat addition).

Rinse the curd by drawing off 4 liters each of whey and adding 4 liters each of water at about 50 degrees, agitating as you go. Allow to settle and skim off whey.

Ladle cheese mixture into small molds and let drain until desired consistency is reached.

Turn out the molds and cool the heavy cream cheese well.

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