Young Ducks with Malaga Sauce – Canetons a La d’Albufera

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Total time: 45 min



The young ducks are flamed, gutted, washed and cut into five parts according to the rule, namely the two legs, two wings and a middle breast piece. These pieces of duck are placed in a suitable, well-sealing dish with melted fresh butter, salted, topped with truffles cut into leaves as thick as the back of a knife and pieces of raw ham cut into the same size and shape, and steamed on a charcoal fire until light brown, to which half a bottle of Malaga wine is gradually added. When the duck pieces are soft, they are removed with a fork, the protruding bones are cut off evenly, they are put in another dish with the truffles and ham pieces and kept warm with the lid closed. The remaining essence is boiled with good veal essence, strained through a haircloth, degreased very purely, mixed with the necessary sauce espagnole and boiled down on the wind oven until the sauce spins thickly from the spoon. When this has been achieved, any salt that may still be missing is added and once again pressed through a haircloth over the ducks, made hot with them over the fire, then nicely arranged in a ragout baking dish and immediately served at the table.

Tip: Always use an aromatic ham, this gives your dish a wonderful touch!

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