Labna – Cream Cheese

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Total time: 45 min



Beat yogurt with oil, lemon zest and juice, dried herbs, and salt in a large glass bowl with a wooden spoon until well blended.

Line a large bowl with a double layer of gauze so that enough gauze overhangs the edges. Pour in the yogurt mixture.

Tie the ends of the gauze together with string. Hang in over the bowl.

Let the yogurt drain for 2-3 days in a cool place at 6-8 °C – in an unheated room in winter, in the bottom of the refrigerator in summer.

Refrigerate the well-drained mixture until it is firm to the touch and easy to shape.

Use your hands to form 4 cm balls. Refrigerate the cream cheese balls again, if necessary, to prevent them from falling apart.

Layer in the sterilized jar. Cover with olive oil. Gently tap the jar on the surface a few times to release any air bubbles.

The cheese balls can be eaten immediately.

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