Bound Oxtail Soup

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Total time: 45 min

Servings: 2.0 (servings)



Omit the pancetta in the butter and roast until crispy. Sear the pieces of oxtail in this bacon butter.

Add the coarsely diced vegetables together with the garlic and roast them with the paradeis pulp. If the vegetables show a brown color, extinguish the mixture with the red wine, add the spices as well as the flour, fill up with the water and lightly simmer for about three hours, stirring frequently.

Separate the meat from the liquid. Pour the Madeira over the parred meat and cool, covered.

Strain the soup, perhaps reducing and deglazing it.

Dice the meat, add to the soup and season.


Also, the terms reduce and deglaze may not be familiar to everyone. Reduce is the boiling down of liquid to improve consistency, deglaze is the defatting of a liquid by skimming. You can also put a few ice cubes in a dish and dip the dish briefly into the liquid, the fat will then remain on the dish.

Our tip: Use a deliciously spicy bacon for a delicious touch!

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