Vegetable Jelly

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Total time: 1 hour



For the vegetable jelly, put a pot on the stove with 1 liter of water and 1/2 liter of mild vinegar. Peel and habé onion, wash celery and carrots, peel and cut into small pieces.

Add salt, onion, celery, parsley and carrots, some peppercorns, 2 cloves without heads to the water and boil for about half an hour.

Dissolve 7 sheets of gelatin in cold water and add. Bring the broth to a boil and strain. Bring to the boil again, clarify with 2 egg whites, pass the jelly through a cloth and then fill into sterilized jars.

You can also divide the vegetable jelly into several parts, color them differently and fill each part separately into small jars and sterilize them.

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