Spicy Chicken Salad – Larp Gai

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Total time: 45 min



I N F O Larp is an ancient leaf salad. Some claim it has the same origin as beefsteak tartare – raw meat with onions. Perhaps the merchants in this part of Asia, the Haw, contributed to the spread of this dish from southwest China, today there are variants of this type of salad larp, nahm thok and sup throughout northern Thailand.

What these different larp variants have in common is that the meat is turned or chopped and then cooked in the spicy sauce, which is based on dried chilies. As an aromatic addition, red shallot slices, finely chopped pak chii farang (long-leaf coriander), mint and coriander leaves are always included. The leaf lettuce is usually bound with ground roasted long grain rice – leaf lettuces in the north are usually thicker than those in the south. Larp and its relatives come with a plate of two and three raw vegetables, respectively, in keeping with the rustic simplicity. For me, iceberg lettuce is an ideal, if equally unorthodox, cooling addition.

T H E R E I T U N Chicken shred with salt and garlic. If using, rinse giblets in heavily salted and acidulated water, then cut into narrow slices. heat clear soup and season with salt and sugar. Add minced meat and giblets and simmer until just cooked, stirring frequently (about 3 to 4 min), do not overcook or meat will be tough. Add lime juice, chili seasoning and fish.

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