Grilled Chicken with Peppers and Grape Marc Brandy From Sauvignon

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Total time: 30 min



Cut peppers in half, remove seeds, and bake skin side up on a greased baking sheet at 250 degrees in the oven until the skin blisters black. Remove and let sweat in a plastic bag with ice cubes – or snow in winter. Chop the peppers separated from the skin and sauté them in olive oil together with finely chopped onions, garlic, chili, salt, pepper and a dash of vinegar and simmer with a little red wine. Then puree with a blender or blender stick and season with pomace brandy from the Sauvignon, although the pomace note should not dominate in taste. Cook the chicken stuffed with rosemary with paprika, salt, pepper and olive oil in the oven or fry chicken fillets in a pan until crispy. Then arrange parts of the chicken or the fillets together with the bell pepper sauce and serve.drink recommendation: Sauvignon wine pomace and spring water.

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