Baked Vegetables with Rosemary Potatoes and Parsley Aioli

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Total time: 1 hour

Servings: 4.0 (servings)


For the aioli:


For the baked oven vegetables with rosemary potatoes, wash vegetables, remove stalk and cut into bite-sized pieces. Lightly press the garlic cloves with the peel.

Spread vegetables on a baking sheet, season with salt and pepper and drizzle with olive oil. Wash potatoes and cut into quarters or eighths, depending on size.

Season with salt, pepper and rosemary, drizzle with olive oil and also spread on a baking tray. Bake both in the oven at 180 °C for about 45 minutes.

For the aioli, mix egg yolks with a little mustard drop by drop with oil to make a mayonnaise. Flavor with chopped parsley, garlic and a squeeze of lemon juice and season with salt and pepper.

Stir in a spoonful of sour cream and serve with the fully cooked oven vegetables with rosemary potatoes.

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