Veal Heart Ragout

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Total time: 5 min



4 pieces of veal hearts are washed, put in warm salted water, then add a well-watered calf’s foot cut into pieces, a little bit of soup vegetables (carrots, celery, parsley), a few slices of onion roasted in butter, a little bit of whole spice and cook the hearts gently. Next, remove all the fat from them, press them into the heated meat jars, pour the filtered clear soup over them and sterilize them for 50 min at 100 °C .

When used, the veal hearts are heated in the jar, cut into slices, the sauce is cooked to a creamy consistency with a good butter roux, seasoned with a few drops of Maggi seasoning and served over the meat slices. You can add dumplings or potatoes.

all : Home canning, from Mrs. Emilie Lösel,

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