Spicy White Cabbage Ginger Curry

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Total time: 30 min

Servings: 4.0 (servings)



For the white cabbage-ginger curry, peel/wash all vegetable ingredients and chop finely or cut into small cubes, seed the chili if necessary and cut into small pieces, remove the stalk from the cabbage and shave thinly.

Heat the coconut oil in a large pot and sauté the onion and garlic together with the ginger and chili. Add the curry paste and sauté briefly, then add the carrots, potatoes and white cabbage, stir through and allow to steam a little.

Then add the chopped tomatoes with their juice, pour in the soup, season with salt, pepper and a pinch of sugar and simmer with the lid on for about 20 minutes over low heat until soft.

Chop the parsley and add to the soup. Season again with salt, pepper and possibly curry powder. Good luck!

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