Peasant Salad – Choriatiki

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Total time: 45 min

Servings: 4.0 (servings)


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There is hardly a Greek restaurant that does not offer a farmer’s salad: “Choriatiki” is the name of this original Greek entrée. But: It behaves with this leaf salad just like with all other things: The quality of the ingredients alone determines the taste! And in detail a few remarks: 1. many black olives taste bitter or are small and wizened. Please do not buy exactly those, but plump, sweet-tasting specimens – best without stone.

The tomatoes should be fully ripe outdoor specimens that have actually seen the sun. They are very, very inexpensive right now! 3. maybe you pick up a nice garden cucumber at your greengrocer – just scrape out the seeds and cut them off as usual: A treat! 4. feta is not on the spot feta.

Rinse the cucumber thoroughly (do not remove the skin), scrape out the seeds and cut into pieces. Cut onion into fine rings, then into strips. Remove the stem end from the tomatoes, cut into bite-sized pieces, dice the feta. Rinse and dry the parsley, pluck the leaves and chop. Drain the olives. Combine 6 tbsp olive oil, a tiny bit of juice from one lemon, ½ cup crushed pepper, garlic, salt and oregano to make a vinaigrette and toss for 30 minutes. Mix salad ingredients well in a large salad bowl, fold in vinaigrette just before serving, sprinkle with parsley

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